How to activate off-chain rendering

The Mad Masks collection art is fully on-chain, meaning the image is stored as code on the blockchain.

Long story short, as long as the Ethereum network is alive and working, so is your artwork without relying on a third party to serve the image.

One potential downside is that platforms like Twitter and OpenSea don’t always play nice with alternative formats. Since the code is Base64 rendering an SVG image format, viewing your profile picture in certain instances can be an issue.

For most projects, the metadata typically points to a JPG or PNG image file URL through IPFS.

You have two options, download a PNG or activate off-chain rendering.

Download your PNG here:
Indelible Labs (Search by ID)

Fret not. Off-chain rendering is an option that will enable you to do things like using your Mad Mask as a hexed Twitter PFP if desired (assuming you have a subscription to Twitter Blue).

Guide on how to activate off-chain rendering:

NOTE: Enter the correct tokenID (unique to your Mad Mask)! There will be some gas fees associated to do this. Don’t forget to refresh the metadata on OpenSea after you’re done!

Congratulations. You have successfully activated off-chain rendering for your Mad Mask.

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