Meet the Mad Masks

The Mad Masks collection consists of 1024 pieces of 12 main mask forms with 4 colour variations, totalling 48 masks.

Various traits include accessories, neck items, stack, hidden, back, mid-layer and backgrounds for a playful amount of potential combinations.


  • 14 – Accessories
  • 8 – Neck
  • 14 – Stack
  • 6 – Hidden
  • 6 – Back
  • 8 – Midlayer
  • 22 – BGs

Get to know more about the 12 different masks you’ll see:


Inspired by African history, the mage is a magical character that can conjure powerful spells.


With a nod to Scandinavian history, the mercenary is a battle-tested warrior with the scars to prove it.


Governance is mandatory. Chinese imagery informs the art on this one. Every community needs a leader of the people.


Each team needs an engineer. With a heritage going back to Egypt, the machinist can repair any weapon or vehicle.


As a Japanese-style mask, the masker is an artisan, refining their craft to create some of the best and most innovative masks.


All are members. This Mexican-inspired day of the dead mask represents society as a whole.


Relationships are everything. This native-inspired mask maintains peace and balance within the tribe.


Every community needs a healer. This South American-inspired mask knows how to help and is muchly requested on the battlefield.


Harvesting resources is essential to finding the right ingredients. This U.K.-based mask is a classic to keep things moving with a penchant for mischief.


Finding your way is important. This native bear mask is fitting for the navigator of the stars.


Trading is a part of life. Based on Anubis, there is life after selling.


Forming alliances and maintaining a healthy community is paramount. This Indonesian mask keeps order in the ranks.

Mega Masks

There are also 12 completely unique 1/1 mega masks ensuring the possibility of owning a super rare one-of-a-kind from the collection.

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