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You must be exhausted after your long journey. Take a seat, relax and enjoy exclusive content for mad mask holders. Enjoy and come back soon!






Mad Mask Honoraries

I have been minting out a unique Base collection of on-chain 1/1s for specific folks involved in NFTs.

Follow along as we pay homage to several people you may be familiar with and some you may discover.

Art Drops

Mad Art Drops

Introducing limited editions from guest artists. Lower price for Mad Mask token holders!

Crying Pepe

Bear Market Blues

We know the NFT market is not too hot, but don’t let it get you down. It’s the summer. Let’s collaborate and do what we can to support each other.

Inverted Masks

Inversion Masks

If you want your mad mask inverted, post your token ID and we’ll flip your mask.

cc0 Mash

cc0 Mash

Combine with other amazing cc0 collections and mint your own piece. Or make your own Mad Mask if you wish!
Fan Art Preview

Fan Art Contest

3 winners were selected and awarded a mad mask. Thanks to all who participated!

Mad Mask Memes

Meme contest

View the very first meme contest we had for Mad Masks. Perhaps we do another soon?

The Latest

Honoraries now minting

Some NFT collections have honoraries. I’ve seen a few nicely done ones and I see the value in having them. Ultimately, there is a lot ...
Read More →

Masked Chat

Who needs Discord when you have an intranet? Stay anonymous or set your handle and let’s get to know one another a little better. Enjoy some mad chatter.

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Official Links

Find Mad Masks online. Always double-check links and make sure it’s coming from a trusted and verified source!

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Community Highlights

Here's to 2024

A special thank you for everyone in our community and our friends we’ve met along the way.

Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone. Thankful to have you with us.

DOS Masks

Special edition MASCII’s only available on Base thanks to our friends at Dankbots / Artifactx

Art drop

Our first ever 3d animated movie edition provided by holytoxic. Thank you for celebrating with us!


Special thanks to Senpai for supporting the community with some giveaways!

Happy anniversary!

Celebrating one year since minting out. Heres to you. !maskon

Token Fox

On-chain Checker

Mad Masks is verified via tokenfox through the on-chain checker tool online!

Halloween Pixel Mask

Happy Halloween!

There is nothing more perfect than a mask to represent the season. Enjoy!

Chibi Pixels

Chibi Pixels

Darkcry has put together a fun variation on Mad Masks in a 16x16px grid. 

Fully on Chain

Fully on chain

A recent website update and ongoing newsletter is worth subscribing to!

Mad Tone by Ian by Design

Ian by Design

Our friend and talented creator from Unpunks is featured in our latest art drop. 



Our friend Carlos has generously include Mad Masks as part of their mint.



It’s great to see Mad Masks inspire a trait from none other than Carlos upcoming collection!



Is this the first Mad Mask ethscription? We like exploring new technology!

Opepen Mask

Opepen Mask

Special shout out to this fun combination MadMask Opepefied – MegaMask 1/1 #148. 

Deconstructed Mask


A fun piece by the only and only Mad Jack! Minted for the art drop.

Chrome Void

Chrome Void

And the second art drop, coincidentally another glitch piece by none other than Chrome Void!

SmokeStacks Gas Mask


Our very first guest artist limited edition drop featured this talented glitch and on-chain artist!

Mask Pride

Everyone's Mask

We accept all for who they are regardless of their race, gender or sexual orientation.


Masks on Manifold

ASCII art is always fun. Embedded in our first Manifold contract you’ll find the iconic “M”.

Pixel Rorshach Mask

What do you see?

The iconic rorshach masks is a special version that is a huge part of pop culture.

Turd Birds by Generation Art

cc0 fun

Special contributions by Mad Jack with Generation Art on a fun collection called Turd Birds.


mASCII's anyone?

Generation Art came up with a fun set of Mad Masks…might make a fun small batch?

Pepe Pals

Pepe Pals

Pixel artist D3ELD3 made a fun version of mad masks!



Rhett did an open call for PFPs and remixed this in style.

Pixel Easter Bunny

Archive Bunny

An original concept that didn’t make the cut!

Vibers Mask

Honorary Viber

To celebrate the launch of our friends Vibers collection

Gilles Mask Flag

Leading the people

Gilles started a memes leading the people movement.

We are Nounish Feature


We recently were a part of a fun community art piece.

St Patricks Day Mask

Happy St. Patricks Day

We sometimes make a special mask to celebrate the occassion.

Lego Mask

Lego my Mask

Convert your Mad Mask into leg with this easy to use tool online.

AI Masks

AI Masks

We love AI art. Show us what you can come up with in Midjourney! Tag us on Twitter and we’ll RT.

Smol Masks

Smol Masks

Check out this fun version of Mad Jack’s PFP by the Wizard

Mad Mask Checks

Masked Checks

Jack Butcher’s Checks have been the talk of the town…

Tiny Dinos x Mad Masks by Ian

Tiny Dinos

A fun mashup done here. We love the dinos, nice one, Ian!

Graphicography Mad Mask Animation


Check out graphicography bringing mad masks to life!

Mad Mask Apple Watch Mega Mask

Mega display

Check out dark cry’s mega mask on his Apple Watch. Looking good.



Congrats on launching their cc0 collection featuring traits from mad masks!


Download your Mad Mask by token ID

Your Mad Mask PFP

Did you know? Mad Masks artwork is on-chain. This means the artwork is stored as code on the blockchain which is permanent as long as the Ethereum network is running.

Grab a hi-res image of your art or learn how to adjust your token ID for off-chain rendering i.e. Twitter hex 

Desktop Wallpapers

Several options for your background

Mad Mask Colouring Book

Colouring Book

Fun for the whole family

Mad Mask Twitter Covers

Twitter banners

Cover art for your profile!

Phone Wallpaper Mockup

Mobile set

Wallpapers for your phone

Maskane Language

Maskane Language

Get the characters and symbols


Send us an idea or contribute something for the community to enjoy!

In the metaverse

We love to see Mad Masks out in the wild. OnCyber has a fun gallery system for displaying your NFTs. Here is one we made, go sign the guestbook!
OnCyber Metaverse Mad Mask
Mad Mask Poster

48 Poster

The mad mask collection consists of 12 main mask forms with 4 colour variations, totalling 48 throughout the collection.

This poster is an homage to the collection displaying various traits seen throughout.

12 x 18″ with bleed for print

Mask Map

The following holders have opted in to share their location and represent. Discover holders near you. Submit yours if you wish!

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made with OUM PRO


It’s time to practice your Chess game!

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