The Mad Mask Story: Origins

Transmission from 2042:

Ah, finally. We’re catching your signal on the digital airwaves.

We come to you from a parallel universe, a planet called Meta-42, similar to your earth, where the Great Divide has reshaped our destiny. The echoes of our mistakes resonate across the cosmic void, and we implore you to heed our warning.

We unleashed forces beyond our control in our quest for the elusive millennium gas, a potent energy source found deep within our planet. The relentless pursuit of this precious resource led to a cataclysmic event, fracturing our world into twelve floating islands, with one large mass and the rest scattered around it. The remnants of a once-whole planet now drift across the cosmos, held together by the delicate dance of gravitational fields sustained by the ongoing gas harvest feeding the main reactor.

The survivors, fractured but resilient, have organized into twelve distinct factions, each forged in the crucible of necessity and proximity. Scarcity pervades every corner, and the islands teem with cooperation and conflict as factions vie for the limited resources.

Each group associates with a mask representing them as a relic in time, a nod to history, and an homage to a not-too-distant past. Similar to the cultures and areas you may be familiar with on planet Earth.

As an advanced society, we hold art, technology and culture as the most celebrated accomplishments we can all hope to strive for.

Our advanced technology has allowed us to rebuild and stabilize the gravitational fields, creating eerie stability – the delicate dance and balancing act amidst the chaos. Yet, the struggle for survival persists, and alliances must be forged amid the fractured lands.

Enter the portal, brave traveller, and join this dystopian parallel universe. The digital language of Maskane, pixel-based and symbolic, will guide your interactions as you navigate the fragmented landscapes.

Choose your faction wisely among the twelve masks that represent distinct roles in this new world:

  • Masker
  • Mage
  • Mapper
  • Member
  • Machinist
  • Mercenary
  • Merchant
  • Miner
  • Magistrate
  • Medic
  • Minister
  • Matchmaker

At the helm of each faction, a powerful Overlord dons a unique mega mask, guiding their people through the chaos. 

Alliances must be forged, and resources must be secured. The fate of our fractured Meta-42 rests in the hands of those who dare to navigate this multiverse.

As explorers and pioneers, we move forward into the unknown together. What mask will you wear and how will it help you accomplish your goals?

We are Mad Masks, not a metaverse but an advanced presence in the multiverse. Will you join the struggle to set things right, or will you succumb to the echoes of our past? 

The choice is yours, traveller. Do not speculate, remediate.

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