Meet the Mega Masks

We’ve previously provided an overview of the overall collection in our Meet the Mad Masks post. Still, we wanted to highlight some unique aspects, specifically the Mega Masks.

In the Mad Mask collection, there are 1024 items, and 12 are exclusively reserved for 1/1 unique ultra-rare masks.

As you can see, there are the 12 main masks you know and love from the collection, but with a twist.

Often they have a differentiated colourway and include an aspect that makes them stand out. For example, adding something you wouldn’t see in the main format – like the hair on the Member skull or the slightly larger horns on the Masker. Some of the variations are more subtle but if you look closely, you see them. Some also have more filled-out glowing eyes and they all have intricate pattern backgrounds.

Achieving 1/1s on-chain was made possible by uniquely structuring and layering items thanks to the Indelible Labs platform.

I hope you learned something new about the collection and can appreciate the Mega Masks that much more. Be on the lookout, there aren’t many of them and they tend to get sniped fast!

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