What’s behind the mask?

A lot of folks tend to ask – what’s behind the mask?

Believe it or not, the collection was designed with this in mind. Each Mad Mask token has a hidden trait.

There are 6 possible faces underneath the mask. Hopefully, this inspires the imagination!

In order from least to most rare:

XX – Women
XY – Men
XF – Alien
010 – Android
PP – Pepe
MM – Mad Man

The art is mostly black and white with an outline, contrasting the colourful and edge-to-edge masks on top.

With on-chain art, without a custom contract, managing a “reveal” for this portion would be fun but, in this case, somewhat anticlimactic.

As you discover more in this collection, I hope you appreciate this hidden detail, as I feel it was a fun part of the project to include.

While you cannot see it immediately, you can now know it is always there.

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