The Mad Masks message

We’re mad about masks.

But we’re also mad about the state of the NFT space.

Mad about the elitism. Mad about the influencers. Mad about the hype. Mad about the bad actors. It’s a polluted echo chamber of capitalism exploits wearing a different mask. It’s become a wealth extraction tool.

We talk about Web3 but we’re not even close yet. Decentralization was supposed to make everything better. The spirit of the crypto community is alive and well and hopeful. But we need to do more. 

Enter the next era of NFT projects. We’re here for something else. The ones who are here to build and contribute something meaningful.

We celebrate our differences. And it’s OK if we don’t all stack mad money. We offer no delusions of wealth. If it happens, that’s great. If not, that’s fine too. The value is in being here for the right reasons and supporting one another on our unique paths.

We are calling all dreamers and doers. Our parallel universe exercises the mind of what could be. Join us on a journey challenging the status quo. Standing for something *is* enough.

Wear your masks as a symbol of pride. A nod to tradition, putting pixels to work for a purpose.

Mad Masks was created for the people. Together, we mask.

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