Multiverse – Origins of the Mad Masks

We’ve been trying to reach you on your elementary channels. 

We need to warn you about what is to be.
Follow us as we tell our story…

We come from a parallel universe. And it’s already happened to us. The Merge is an earth-shattering event which should capture your attention. Climate change is only the beginning…

What went wrong? Where to start. We discovered a powerful natural gas called millennium in our planet’s core and had to have more and more of it. Harvesting gas became an obsession. Exhausting resources caused a cataclysmic event that there is no turning back from.

The world, whole as we knew it, was fractured into 12 floating islands. It’s all that’s left. Fortunately, our advanced technology has stabilized a gravitational field that works well, for now.

Many were lost. Some escaped finding a home elsewhere. We’re working together to salvage what we can for those who stayed. A few factions are fighting for what little we have left. Scarcity is in abundance.

If you’re reading this: we hope you can avoid the same mistakes we have made. You may feel hopeless but it’s not too late to turn things around.

Enter the portal if you dare and escape to our dimension to help us make things right. 

Choose your side wisely.

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