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Enter the era of the Mad Masks

We are the many and the few

Mad Masks is an original on-chain generative pixel art collection of 1024 PFPs on the Ethereum blockchain. Strictly art and vibes. The image is the “utility”. 

We’re mad about masks. But we’re also mad about the state of the NFT space…

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Meet the Mad Masks

There are 12 main mask forms in 4 colour variations totalling 48 masks with various traits.


Mega Masks

Only 12 of these incredibly rare and elusive 1/1s exist in the collection

Mage Mega Mask
Mercenary Mega Mask
Magistrate Mega Mask
Machinist Mega Mask
Masker Mega Mask
Member Mega Mask
Matchmaker Mega Mask
Medic Mega Mask
Miner Mega Mask
Mapper Mega Mask
Merchant Mega Mask
Minister Mega Mask

We’ve all gotten used to wearing masks

Cultures have created unique masks for generations

Defining historical moments, some masks are thousands of years old. Each with a specific use case, whether ceremonial, for protection or strictly art.

We’re here to celebrate our differences. And it’s OK if we don’t stack mad money. We wear our masks as a symbol of pride. A nod to tradition, putting pixels to work for a modern purpose. 

What about the masks we wear online? Anonymity and privacy are everything.

Choose your mask. It becomes you.

Maskian - Mad Masks


Mad Masks is an NFT profile picture collection of 1024 pixel art images. There are 12 main mask forms with 4 variations of each with different trait combinations.

Included are 12 rare 1/1 mega masks included in the collection.

Set in a dystopian parallel universe in the year 2042, earth is shattered into 12 islands where small groups work together and compete to battle for scarcity of resources, among other challenges.

Created by an independent solo founder Mad Jack with a background working in Web2 providing design services for businesses. In Web3 he’s collaborated with NFT projects applying branding, design, eCommerce and web solutions.

On-chain NFTs store the images as data in a smart contract all on the blockchain versus pointing to an external URL stored somewhere else like a web server. Pixel art is perfect to utilize this due to its effective size format. As long as the Ethereum network exists, on-chain has permanence unrealized by most NFTs. In this instance the data is stored as Base64 image svg code. Provided by Indelible Labs.

There is no official roadmap at this time. We’re currently building organically at our own pace. Follow us on Twitter as we share more.

Mad Masks art is cc0. If you own the NFT, you own full rights to the image art. The Mad Masks identity is, however, NOT cc0 so you cannot use the brand, name or likeness for a derivative project without permission. 

We do not have an official Discord. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a community of like-minded enthusiasts. You can currently find us on Twitter and join our Twitter community.

The contract will receive 6% of secondary sales. This will go directly to the independent creator. Funds will be used towards expenses, reserves for the project, Web3 initiatives and potentially realizing some profit. Holders may gain access to exclusive content in the future.


The token, image and metadata exists solely on the blockchain.

Artwork is cc0

The NFT(s) you own are yours to do with as you please.

Looking forward

Holders may be provided with exclusive content.