Mad Jack

New Marketplace

With the ongoing conversation around royalties almost coming up a year now, it’s an excellent time to address the elephant in the room. Due to current market conditions, Mad Masks has created an independent marketplace courtesy of Rarible, which respects the royalty on sales. Feel free to use this website directly to buy or sell …

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Meet the Mega Masks

We’ve previously provided an overview of the overall collection in our Meet the Mad Masks post. Still, we wanted to highlight some unique aspects, specifically the Mega Masks. In the Mad Mask collection, there are 1024 items, and 12 are exclusively reserved for 1/1 unique ultra-rare masks. As you can see, there are the 12 …

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Introducing Art Drops

Mad Masks was initially created as an art-focused collection. It’s time to share art from the community and beyond. We originally planned on launching the Genesis collection with 1/1 artists, but the nature of on-chain it limited our options, so we had to optimize things. Mad Drops is a curated collection of limited-edition artwork featuring …

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Degen Dictionary

Understanding the terminology within web3 can be challenging, especially for newcomers.Specifically when it comes to NFTs, it’s a subculture that has its own language. We believe it’s important to educate and inform to onboard the next generation of adopters using the technology we all know and love. Below is an outline of some phrases and …

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Mad Masks Collection Preview

Meet the Mad Masks

The Mad Masks collection consists of 1024 pieces of 12 main mask forms with 4 colour variations, totalling 48 masks. Various traits include accessories, neck items, stack, hidden, back, mid-layer and backgrounds for a playful amount of potential combinations. Traits: Get to know more about the 12 different masks you’ll see: Mage Inspired by African …

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