Member OG

Introducing Masked Members

The idea is simple. A members-only area that features content useful for token owners. It’s token-gated to confirm you own the token and then you’re in! It currently features a chat room, the latest news, downloads, map & more. Simply connect to access and get familiar with what’s available. To connect, head over here: What’s […]

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Mad Masks Collection Preview

Meet the Mad Masks

The Mad Masks collection consists of 1024 pieces of 12 main mask forms with 4 colour variations, totalling 48 masks. Various traits include accessories, neck items, stack, hidden, back, mid-layer and backgrounds for a playful amount of potential combinations. Traits: Get to know more about the 12 different masks you’ll see: Mage Inspired by African

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Mad Masks Alphabet

Our language translated

It helps to frame things in a relatable way when exploring our alternate universe. Mad Masks live in a place not dissimilar to the Milky Way. Our timeline and reality are slightly varied from Earth’s. For what we have in common, there are interesting differences too. Starting with language. The Mad Masks language is pixel

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Mad Masks

The Mad Masks message

We’re mad about masks. But we’re also mad about the state of the NFT space. Mad about the elitism. Mad about the influencers. Mad about the hype. Mad about the bad actors. It’s a polluted echo chamber of capitalism exploits wearing a different mask. It’s become a wealth extraction tool. We talk about Web3 but

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Mad Mask Glitch Art

What makes you mad about NFTs

We asked the community what made them mad about NFTs and you have spoken. It involved a simple landing page for collecting anonymous comments covering Web3/NFT – good or bad. No gimmicks, no fancy integrations. Straight-up question/answer format. 101 curated comments were shared Here are a few of our favourites: Read the responses on Twitter

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